X-IRG Affiliated People

  • CNS Person
    Professor of Anthropology; Director, NSF Center for Nanotechnology in Society; Group leader, NSF/EPA UC Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology
    Barbara Herr Harthorn, Principal Investigator and Director of the CNS, is also Professor of  Anthropology, and affiliated faculty in Feminist Studies...
  • Chris Newfield
    Professor, English
    Christopher Newfield is professor of American culture at UCSB. His research focuses on the processes of creativity and innovation, with a double...
  • Gerald Barnett
    Director, Research Technology Enterprise Initiative; Affiliate Instructor, Computer Science & Engineering
    University of Washington
    Gerald Barnett is Director of the Research Technology Enterprise Initiative at the University of Washington. He has 18 years experience in university-...
  • Daryl Boudreaux
    Boudreaux & Associates, Wallingford, PA
    Dr. Boudreaux brings an unusual combination of expertise and value to his work in commercializing early stage technologies. A highly credentialed...
  • Research Scientist
    Lehigh University
  • Stacey Frederick
    Research Scientist
    Duke University
    Stacey has worked as an extramural collaborator with IRG2 focusing on a global value chain analysis of China, the United States, and North Carolina....
  • Sharon Friedman
    Professor of Journalism and Communication; Director, Science and Environmental Writing Program
    Lehigh University
    Sharon M. Friedman is professor and director of the Science and Environmental Writing Program in the Department of Journalism and Communication. She...
  • Michael Goodchild
    Professor, Geography
    Mike, considered the father of Geographic Information Science, was our chair from 1998 to 2000 and is currently the Associate Director of the Alexandria...
  • Mikael Johansson
    University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
    Dr. Johannson was a CNS-UCSB postdoctoral scholar from 2009-2010. His dissertation on the cosmology of nanoscientists utilized lab ethnography as well...
  • John Mohr
    Professor, Sociology
    John Mohr received his PhD from Yale University in 1992. His primary interest is in the empirical study of meaning systems. His focus has been on...