Cross-IRG (X-IRG) Integrative Projects


The research of the main three IRGs is not limited to their domains. Cross-IRG projects aim at bringing together experts to explore an array of fields touched by nanotechnology that have yet to be explored elsewhere.

"The Solar Future" project conducts research and interviews on current trends in second and third-generation solar photovoltaic development, and explores methods for effectively communicating scientific concepts and processes to the public. "Spatial Analysis and the Global Value Chain for Nanotechnology/Nano in California" uses the latest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies to map the development and interactions among nanotechnology organizations in one of the U.S.'s premier nanotechnology development regions. "Nanotechnology in the Media" looks at how the U.S. press and blogosphere portray nanotechnologies and their consequences for society. "The Social Life of Nanotechology" project examines the variety of meanings taken by the concept of "nanotechnology" around the globe. Ethnographic "Explorations of Nanoscience and Nanotoxology Laboratories" looks at the social lives of the scientists who examine the adverse effects of nano particles.

X-IRG comprisesGerald Barnett (University of Washington), Daryl Boudreaux (Bourdeaux and Associates, PA), Stacey Frederick (Duke University), Sharon Friedman, (Lehigh University) Michael Goodchild (UCSB), John Mohr (UCSB), Barbara Herr Harthorn (UCSB), Mikael Johansson, (University of Gothenburg, Sweden),  Chris Newfield (UCSB).


Cross-IRG Projects:

1. The Solar Future: Science and Business Life in the Race against Climate Change

2. Spatial Analysis and the Global Value Chain for Nanotechnology/Nano in California

3. Nanotech in the Media 

4. The Social Life of Nanotechnology 

5. Ethnographic Explorations of Nanoscience and Nanotoxicology Laboratories