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Under Review

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  • Collins, M., & Freudenburg W. (Under Review). Temporal Myopia: A Case of Promising New Technologies, the Federal Government, and Inherent Conflicts of Interest.
  • Conti, J. A., & Becker S. (Under Review). Regulatory Risk Judgment: How the EPA confronts scientific uncertainty and the challenges of Nanotechnology.
  • Copeland, L., & Hasell A. (Under Review). Risky Business? How Risk vs. Benefit Frames Influence Consumer Attitudes toward Nanotechnology Applications.
  • Copeland, L., Bimber B., & Earl J. (Under Review). Contentious Consumers: Political Consumerism, Movement Societies and Self-Directed Political Action. Journal of Social Forces.
  • Copeland, L., Bimber B., & Earl J. (Under Review). Political Consumerism, Political Communication, and Political Organization.
  • Copeland, L., Bimber B., & Earl J. (Under Review). Collective Action and Political Consumerism.
  • Copeland, L., & Bimber B. (Under Review). Reactions to Nanotechnology in the Marketplace: Frames and Political Consumerism.
  • Copeland, L., & Bimber B. (Under Review). New Technology and Political Consumerism: Predicting Aversive Behavior in the Market to Nanotechnology.
  • Copeland, L. (Under Review). Political Consumerism and the Expansion of Political Participation in the US.
  • Copeland, L. (Under Review). Political Consumerism: Boycotting, Buycotting, and the Expansion of Political Participation Repertories in the United States.
  • Copeland, L. (Under Review). To What Extent is Political Consumerism Political? How Political Consumers' Motivations Inform our Understanding of Lifestyle Politics.
  • Corner, A., Satterfield T. A., Pidgeon N., & Harthorn B. H. (Under Review). Affective ambivalence and nanotechnologies.
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  • Fan, W., Liu Y., Kay L., & Chen J. (Under Review). Two Poles in Global Nano Research: Structure and Evolution of the Global Nano Collaborative Innovation Network.


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