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Under Review

  • Frederick, S. (Under Review). Twelve Years of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Publications in Mexico.
  • Frederick, S. (Under Review). Short Subject: Nanotechnology in California.
  • Frederick, S. (Under Review). Quantifying the Nanotechnology Workforce in the US: Methods, Barriers & Estimates.
  • Friedman, S. (Under Review). Media coverage of nano regulations.
  • Friedman, S. (Under Review). Nano regulation coverage in the mass media and NHI.
  • Harthorn, B. H., Collins M., Hanna S., & Satterfield T. A. (Under Review). Public Attitudes on Environmental Risk, Trust, and Responsible Development of Nanotechnologies.
  • Horton, Z. (Under Review). Pursuing The Right To Maximal Innovation: Open Source, Energy Crisis, and Social Narrative.
  • Kaplan, S., Milde J., & Cowan R. S. (Under Review). Interdisciplinarity in practice.
  • Kay, L., Appelbaum R. P., Youtie J., & Shapira P. (Under Review). Innovation pathways of developing countries in emerging technologies: The case of nanotechnology in Argentina and Brazil,.
  • Kay, L., Appelbaum R. P., Shapira P., & Youtie J. (Under Review). Corporate strategies of Latin American companies in the field of nanotechnology.
  • Kay, L., & Appelbaum R. P. (Under Review). An analysis of nanotechnology content in patent portfolios of companies in the energy storage sector.
  • Kay, L. (Under Review). A method for text network analysis: testing, development and application to the investigation of patent portfolios.


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