Theresa A. Satterfield

Theresa (Terre) Satterfield
Professor, Institute for Resources, the Environment, and Sustainability
University of British Columbia
CNS Affiliation
Extramural Collaborator
IRG leader
Research Group: 

Terre Satterfield is Associate Professor of Culture, Risk and the Environment. An anthropologist by training, her work concerns sustainable development in the context of debates about risk and environmental health. Her research examines a variety of environmental conflicts including logging disputes, the politics of biodiversity, First Nation interests in land management and regulatory contexts, the governance and perceived risk of new technologies (biotechnology and nanotechnology), and the social and cultural consequences of contamination.

Research Areas: 
Environmental conflicts, environmental values and public policy, environmental justice, social theories of risk, risk and remediation; political and human ecology, sustainability movements & the Anthropology of Environmentalism, cross cultural perspectives on risk