Study Describes the State of Mexican-U.S. Scientific Collaboration in Nanotechnology

CNS News


June 2012--A team of CNS-UCSB IRG 2 researchers has published an exploratory study of “Mexico-U.S. Scientific Collaboration in Nanotechnology” in the Mexican journal Frontera Norte. The study, by Guillermo Floradori, Edgar Zayago, IRG 2 leader Richard Appelbaum, and Rachel Parker, identifies and describes existing scientific bilateral agreements between nano research centers in Mexico and the U.S., as well as funding sources for their work.  The researchers found that there are  few opportunities for bilateral collaboration between the two countries in the broad area of nanotechnology, and that those that exist primarily involve seed funding. The authors contrast this with the European Union’s scientific policy developed over the last decade, which allocates more resources for medium and large projects over longer periods of time. The authors note that their findings suggest that the number of partnerships between Mexican and U.S. nanotechnology research institutions is likely to decline, while partnerships between Mexican and European institutions will likely increase over time.  The study is available in both English and Spanish.

Colaboración científica México-Estados Unidos en nanotechnología. (Mexico-U.S. scientific collaboration in nanotechnology.) Frontera Norte, Vol. 24, Núm 48: Julio-Diciembre de 2012, pp. 145-164.