Shearer Book Examines Climate Change Politics Affecting an Alaskan Native Village

"Kivalina: A Climate Change Storyis a new book by Christine Shearer, CNS Postdoctoral Scholar and IRG 3 researcher, illustrates the destructive impacts of climate change and the politics of denial and evasion in this story of a threatened native Alaskan village.

The book, published by Haymarket Books, is based on research conducted by Dr. Shearer for her dissertation in Sociology, completed at UCSB in 2010. The book covers the battle by Kivalina's native Inupiat residents for accountability from fossil fuel companies for the millions of dollars it will cost to move the village to a new location before it is lost to erosion aggravated by global warming. Kivalina's story portends the challenges that will be faced by additional communities around the world in attempting to address problems created by climate change.

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