Pidgeon Named Honorary Fellow of the British Science Association

CNS News

September, 2012--IRG 3 Researcher Nick Pidgeon has been recognized for his contributions to science communication by the British Science Association, which has named him one of its Honorary Fellows for 2012.

The Association awards Honorary Fellowships to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the organization's goals, which are to promote openness about science in society, between the public, policy makers and other decision-makers, and the scientific and business community; and to engage and inspire adults and young people directly with science and technology, and their implications. Previous Honorary Fellows named to the Association include documentary filmmaker Sir David Attenborough and author Bill Bryson.

Pidgeon, a Professor at Cardiff University in the UK, leads the interdisciplinary Understanding Risk group in the School of Psychology. His work focuses on public engagement with, and attitudes toward, environmental and technological risk issues in areas such as energy and climate change. He has co-led CNS' international research program on public deliberation and attitudes toward risks posed by nanotechnologies along with CNS Director Barbara Herr Harthorn and Terre Satterfield from the University of British Columbia in Canada. 

See below to read the full press release from Cardiff University about the award.