New Nanoscience in Society Course being Offered at SBCC

Buckyball in Hand

CNS-UCSB and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) are introducing a new course at SBCC that integrates technological and societal issues: Physical Science 107, Nanoscience in Society. This interdisciplinary course, offered Spring 2011 and open to all majors, addresses different technical and social issues associated with nanoscience and emerging technologies, focused on sustainability and green technologies topics.

Nanoscience in Society builds on the innovative pedagogy and instructional resources developed for a general education course at UCSB in 2008 (INSCITES) that focused on the interplay of science, technology and society.  With funding from an NSF Science, Technology and Society Program award, faculty, staff, and graduate scholars at CNS and SBCC have revised and expanded the course content.

The course is built around a single theme, nanotechnologies for sustainability, and in class and in lab students will examine what nanoscience and nanotechnology are, how they are changing society, the historical context of specific technologies, and their relevance (or not) to a green and sustainable future.  Course topics include solar energy, solid state lighting, green building materials, alternative fuels for transportation, clean water, and nanotechnologies in food and the food industry.

Physical Science 107, Nanoscience in Society, is a 4-unit class, transferable to UC and CSU schools.  For more information, contact SBCC Chemistry Professor Eric Bullock (bullock at or CNS Education Director Julie Dillemuth.