Nature Nanotechnology Dec. 2011 Web Focus Highlights CNS Public Risk Perceptions Study

"Anticipating the Perceived Risk of Nanotechnologies" is featured by the online journal Nature Nanotechnology for free access through the end of 2011. The study, co-authored by IRG 3 researchers Terre Satterfield, Milind Kandikar, Christian E. H. Beaudrie, Joseph Conti, and Barbara Herr Harthorn, was originally published in the September 20, 2011 edition of the journal.


In the web focus, Nature Nanotechnology brings together all the papers they have published in four particularly active areas since its inception in 2006:  DNA nanotechnology, graphene, nanopores and nanotoxicology, in addition to the CNS article on the public perceptions of nanotechnology.


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