Nano in society conference features CNS-UCSB researchers

CNS-UCSB will have a substantial presence at the first meeting of the Society for the Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies (S.NET). The conference, which is being held in Seattle this week, will explore economic, societal, and philosophical aspects of nanotechnology.

The S.NET conference is being held in conjunction with a NanoEthics Symposium hosted by the University of Washington. The joint meeting features invited speakers from around the world – including CNS-UCSB Principal Investigator and Director Barbara Herr Harthorn – and dozens of research presentations, including those by CNS-UCSB Co-Principal Investigator Richard Appelbaum, Education Director Julie Dillemuth, and Postdoctoral Scholars Mikael Johansson, Yasuyuki Motoyama, and Jennifer Rogers.

S.NET was formed to promote open intellectual exchange toward the advancement of knowledge and understanding of nanotechnologies in society.

The meeting runs from September 8-11, 2009; for more information, visit the conference website.