McCray Discusses "How California Invented Nanotechnology" in France

CNS News

On October 4 2011, Patrick McCray delivered a talk on California's role as a catalyst for conceptualizing nanotechnology at the University of Provence in Marseille, France.


McCray, a CNS-UCSB Co-PI, noted that despite its seeming newness, nanotechnology already has many different historical narratives. From seminal speeches at the start of the Space Age to futuristic imaginings in the 1980s to industrial commercialization in the 1990s, nanotechnology is always linked to California in some fashion. McCray explored how the West Coast version of nanotechnology resonated among researchers, policy makers, the media, and the public within and beyond the Golden State. Seen more broadly, this California-infused perspective gives insights into the nature of technological ecosystems, historical analogies, and the challenges posed by competing historical narratives.