GRASSS Award Recipient Meredith Conroy, CNS Grad Fellow


February 22, 2010

CNS-UCSB Social Science Fellow and UCSB Political Science Graduate student Meredith Conroy was one of four recipients of GRASSS awards from UCSB's Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research (ISBER). The purpose of the Graduate Research Award for Social Science Surveys (GRASSS) is to enrich the quality of graduate research in the social sciences through a program of competitive awards to graduate students. Meredith Conroy's project is titled:  "A Psychology of Framing: The Effects of Personality on Susceptibility to Media Frame." 

Framing is the process by which people conceptualize an issue.  So-called "framing effects" occur when changes in the presentation of an issue produce a change in opinion.  Conroy's survey explores the question: "Does susceptibility to framing effects vary across major personality traits?" and is directly related to her work with CNS-UCSB co-PI, Bruce Bimber