Free Online Access to Special Issue of Risk Analysis Highlighting IRG 3 Research

Now available online through April 1, 2012, the November, 2011 special issue of the international journal Risk Analysis features the work of IRG 3 researchers and others studying nanotechnology risk perceptions and communication. See the link below.

From the publisher: "Nanotechnology involves the fabrication, manipulation and control of materials at the atomic level and may also bring novel uncertainties and risks. Potential parallels with other controversial technologies means there is a need to develop a comprehensive understanding of processes of public perception of nanotechnology uncertainties, risks and benefits, alongside related communication issues. Taken as a whole the papers in this special collection add to a new and
exciting body of literature within risk research."

See the attached flyer for the complete list of articles and authors.

About Risk Analysis: Published on behalf of the Society for Risk Analysis, Risk Analysis
is designed to meet the need for organization, integration, and communication and provide a focal point for
new developments in the field. The analysis of risk is being increasingly viewed as a field in itself, and the
demand for a more orderly and formal treatment of risk is great. This international journal is committed to
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