CNS-UCSB Researcher Pens White Paper for CHF Studies in Sustainability

Meridian Institute Nanotechnology and Development News Service
November 1, 2010

Studies in Sustainability
Source:Chemical Heritage Foundation
Author: Christian Beaudrie and Anna Lamprou

The Chemical Heritage Foundation's Studies in Sustainability series has two white papers focused on nanotechnology.

The first, "Emerging Nanotechnologies and Life-Cycle Regulation: An Investigation of FeBeaudrie-2010_CHF_Studies-in-Sustainability_coverderal Regulatory Oversight from Nanomaterial Production to End of Life", written by CNS-UCSB collaborating UBC scholar Christian Beaudrie, investigates the United States' federal regulations that apply to a nanomaterial along its life cycle, from initial creation to end-of-life, delving into which regulations are expected to apply at each life stage, and the ways nanomaterials challenge the applicability or enforcement of these regulations. The second, "Nanotechnology Regulation: Policies Proposed by Three Organizations for the Reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act", explores the current primary law governing nanotechnology in the U.S. and addresses its limitations as identified by three interest organizations. The policy recommendations suggested by these organizations are also discussed. The white papers can be downloaded online at the link below.