CNS-UCSB collaborators at Cardiff University publish, “Transforming the UK Energy System: Public Values, Attitudes and Acceptability – Synthesis Report”

Synthesis Report Cover Page

Karen Parkhill, Christina Demski, Catherine Butler, Alexa Spence, and Nick Pidegon provide an in-depth report on public values and attitudes towards different approaches to transforming the energy system in the UK.  The issues surrounding energy security, energy affordability, and environmental impact and climate change have a strong influence on energy policy.  The synthesis report discusses key finding concerning public perceptions and preferences toward the future of the UK’s energy policy.  In order to determine public preferences the research project includes interviews with energy system stakeholders; public workshops where small groups discussed energy system transitions; and a nationally representative survey examining public perceptions and acceptability of key issues within energy systems change.  According to the report the findings suggest that “the British public wants and expects change with regard to how energy is supplied, used and governed” (2).  Furthermore, it finds that public values play an important role in shaping opinion, “we conclude that public acceptability may only be achieved if it is rooted…if actors do not consider and take into account public values in their decision-making, resistance to energy system transformations or conflict over particular issues is more likely to result” (4).