CNS Co-PI Patrick McCray featured in panel discussion on HeLa

"Perspectives on HeLa: A Cross-Disciplinary Discussion with Faculty"
Tuesday, February 15, Noon
Group Commons
1st floor, UCSB Davidson Library

     This year's UCSB Reads book is the captivating story of Henrietta
Lacks, an African American woman whose cancerous cells, taken without
her knowledge, were cultivated and became the first "immortal" human
cell line.  Over the years, these HeLa cells have made possible some of
the world's most wide-reaching medical advancements.  Rebecca Skloot's
book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, challenges us to question
our beliefs of personal identity, cell ownership, medical ethics, and
poverty and racism in health care.
     Please join us in a discussion with four faculty panelists who will
provide context from their own research and academic interests.  The
panel is one of the many community conversations taking place during
this year's UCSB Reads program.  All are welcome to attend the
discussion, even if you haven't read the book!

Faculty panel:
  Dr. Ingrid Banks
  Associate Professor, Black Studies Dept.

  Dr. Mary Ann Jordan
  Adjunct Professor, MCDB

  Dr. W. Patrick McCray
  Professor, History Dept.

  Dr. Laury Oaks
  Associate Professor, Feminist Studies Dept.

For more information about this and other events related to UCSB Reads, visit the UCSB Reads Community Conversations page.