Beaudrie wins Society for Risk Analysis Student Research Award

IRG3 student researcher Christian Beaudrie has received 2012 Student Merit Award from the Emerging Nanomaterials Specialty Group (ENMSG) of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA).

As the recipient of this award, Christian will present his research on "Expert Judgment-Based Risk Screening for Emerging Nanotechnologies: A Collaborative Approach" at the 2012 SRA Annual Meeting in San Francisco in December. In addition, the award comes with $500 and waived registration fees for the meeting. 

Christian Beaudrie is a Ph.D. student earning his degree in Resource Management and Environmental Studies at the University of British Columbia. He studies expert judgments about nanotechnology risks and regulatory gaps in environmental regulations for emerging technologies with CNS-UCSB IRG3 and Theme 7 in the University of California Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnologiess (UC CEIN). 

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