X-IRG-3 Spatial Analysis and the Global Value Chain for Nanotechnology/Nano in California

(Stacey Frederick, IRGs 2 & 3)

This project entails value chain mapping of California and the United States in the global nanotechnology economy. Objectives include (1) identifying firms working in each stage of the supply chain from nanomaterials through end-markets, (2) analyzing the impact of value chain dynamics in each stage such as policies, risk, perception, and competitiveness factors, and (3) evaluating how these are linked together in California and how California compares to competing geographies. Outcomes will include a California in the Nanotechnology Global Economy website.


Two preliminary website templates have been created thus far: one for the value chain research framework, and the other designed to provide a framework for carrying out the California in the Nano Global Economy project. To accomplish these goals, Frederick has reviewed existing data mining and mapping methodologies to determine their applicability to nanotechnology publications, patents, funding sources, and firms. The ultimate goal is to identify ways to link this information to the value chain framework, enabling users to visualize the results. Existing visual mapping programs, and their associated costs, are being examined. (For an example of what we are striving for, see the North Carolina in the Global Economy website, which Frederick developed.) Frederick has also met with organizations involved in the North Carolina nanotechnology industry, to discuss possible synergies between efforts in NC and the California project. Finally, she is also developing an inventory of nanoproducts, and will coordinate this effort in the future with Tim Lenoir and Patrick Herron from IRG2.


This phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2011, and will be maintained and updated throughout the life of CNS. Over time, the project may be expanded to cover other nano products, not just those associated with California.