IRG 3-5: Framing of Nano in the Media (X-IRG)

(Friedman, Egolf)

The work on media framing of nano and analysis of news trends over time in coverage of nanotechnology led by Bimber in the first 5 years is concluded with one publication in press (Lively et al, forthcoming, 2012). Former grad researcher in this project Weaver is continuing his work in media analysis for CNS by producing the Weekly Clips publication for the CNS-UCSB.

The study of media framing of nano, a critical issue in public opinion formation, has now shifted fully to collaboratorFriedman at Lehigh University and her team, reported below under X-IRG initiatives. Friedman and Egolf have developed an extensive coding system for analyzing print media coverage of nano and will be exploring methods for studying on-line coverage in a valid and reliable fashion. Friedman supplements the print media report analysis with depth interviews with journalists to provide depth understanding of the changing media environment for risk reporting and communication of scientific uncertainty (Friedman & Egolf 2011; Friedman and Egolf 2012).