IRG 2-9: Connection with ReLANS

(Foladori, Zayago, Lau, Appelbaum, Parker, Frederick)

This project continues the collaboration with ReLANS (headed by Zayago Lau) that was initiated in IRG2-8; it is intended deepen our understanding of nanotechnology in Mexico, as well as provide a comparative analysis of nanotechnology programs and policies in Latin America. One result will be the CNS UCSB-sponsored conference on nanotechnology and labor, held in conjunction with the ReLANS meeting in Curitiba, Brazil (September 2012). In terms of Mexico, a key objective is to uncover how nanotechnology research, production and consumption are integrated; as a leader in Latin America, second only to Brazil, Mexico stands out for its infrastructure, resources and activities related to nanotechnology R&D.