IRG 2-8: Binational Collaboration (USA-Mexico) in the Development of Nanotechnology

(Foladori, Zayago Lau, Appelbaum, Parker)


This joint project, with the Doctoral Program on Development Studies at the University of Zacatecas (Mexico), analyzes the development trajectory of nanotechnology in Mexico, with special attention to scientific collaboration and productive agreements between U.S. and Mexican institutions. This is seed funding to determine key topics capable of being researched in future joint activities between the two research teams. Because the Mexican principals are associated with ReLANS (the Latin American Nanotechnology and Society Network), it will also give us the ability to expand our comparative studies to Latin America beyond Mexico. Thus far we have had one meeting in Santa Barbara; a scond will occur in conjunction with the research summit in March, and a third at the SASE meetings in Madrid in June, where we are hosting a panel.