IRG 2-6: International Collaboration in Nanotech Research and Publication Quality

(Mehta, Lenoir, Herron, Motoyama)


Most countries engaged in nanotech research encourage international research collaborations. This work in progress analyzes a bibliometric dataset covering half a million nanotechnology publications from 40 countries over the past 30 years, taken from ISI using the Kostoff search query, to assess: (1) which countries are most heavily involved in these collaborations, who they partner with, and how this has changed over time; and (2) the statistical relationship between collaboration and study impact (proxied for by citation counts), and how this has varied across time and over countries. Previous studies find that China has made greater gains in publication frequency than in impact. A central question is whether international collaboration has helped China to close this gap. This project is in its initial stages (a Santa Barbara meeting between Mehta and Herron was held during the second week of March).