IRG2-14: Survey of China Nanotechnology Scholars in Leading Chinese Universities

(Appelbaum, Shapira, Youtie)


This project has just been started. It will involve a survey of leading nanotech academic researchers in China, to assess their perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of China’s approach to innovation.  Thus far we have planned a pilot study of ~2,000 Chinese scientists and engineers at each of the top 100 universities in China, as ranked by Wushulian (a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences) for 2013. We have done a web-based survey (Baidu, in Chinese) of all Material Science and Engineering departments in these universities, and plan a second survey of Chemical Engineering departments (we estimate that these should encompass 80% of all nanoscientists and engineers at these universities). We have examined the CVs of all the scientists and engineers in these departments to determine which ones are engaged in nanotech-related research. Thus far some 1,200 scientists and engineers have been identified. The 100 universities were located in 33 different cities around China. Our next step is to develop a brief survey instrument and begin the pilot study.