IRG 2-11: Open Doors: Chinese (and other foreign) students studying in the U.S.

(Appelbaum, Han, Stocking, Gebbie)

We will be conducting a web-based survey  of all foreign STEM graduate students and post-docs on student visas in UCSB's College of Engineering and NLPS Division, with the aim of getting some comparative data on why they came to the US/UCSB, why they didn't study in their home country, and what their post-graduation plans are. It will be instructive to compare Chinese with other foreign students. Since the repatriation of top STEM grads and postdocs is a major thrust of Chinese policy (the so-called "Thousand Telnts" and "Thousand Young Talents" Programs), this should shed light on some of the relative strengths and weaknesses of China and other countries' educational systems, as well as the push-pull factors that inform the decision to repatriate (or not to repatriate). We have acquired the list of students, and are putting the survey together. We hope to conduct the survey in the spring. If successful, we may do this onother campuses. There is a similar study being done at ASU, and we are incontact with the student who is conducting it. This also ties in with James Walsh's research on immigration policies.