IRG 2-10: Bibliometric and Patent Analysis/Mapping


The first objective is the exploitation of scientific publication and patent databases.  This involves research article development, conference presentations and international journal submissions. Most of the work developed thus far is based on the application of data mining and visualization techniques to databases of scientific publications and patents in the field of nanotechnology. Current research thrusts include two lines of research started in previous reporting period, a) nanotechnology development in Asia and b) nanotechnology development in Latin America, and new work in the area of scientometrics, aimed at developing methods for scientific and patent literature analysis and topic discovery. Research aims in this reporting period included further development of at least one publishable research output in each research thrust and presentation of preliminary and final research results at key conferences. As of the reporting date, most of the work developed for this project has drawn on scientific publication and patent databases created by colleagues from Georgia Institute of Technology who collaborate with the IRG 2 team on a number of projects. This allows access to reliable data and time to further develop own data sources.