IRG2-4: Development of GLOBONANO Database

(Lenoir, Mehta, Motoyama, Herron, Weiss, Dsouza, Pachon)

This project has two objectives: to continue development of “GLOBONANO,” a large scale database to support quantitative research on the development of scientific literature, patents, and products in all fields of nanotechnology for more than 40 countries, including the US, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, and EU countries; and to develop research on nanotechnology commercialization and international collaboration in nanotechnology research using the above tools. A key goal of this work is to identify and create an automatically updatable database of commercial firms worldwide developing nano-enabled products. The new data set now includes full sets for 68 countries, up from 43 in the previous version. The GLOBONANO database has been migrated to a new server, and work has been completed on a tool for producing patent output in Vantage Point-compliant XML to assist the work of Luciano Kay in Group 2.